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Authentic Custom Jewellery

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Share Your Ideas with Artist & Designer, ALEX ARMEN

Artist & Designer Alex Armen

Art Requires an Artist

As studio dedicated to design, Solitaire creates without limitations, and spends time with you to design your perfect piece.

Solitaire's timeless creations are comprised of the finest quality materials, envisioned by designer and artist, Alex Armen.

Each piece represents a marriage of extraordinary design and exquisite metalsmithing.

The beauty of these pieces showcases both Solitaire’s artistic metalsmithing and the preferences of the clients who commissioned them.

The studio's creations have been featured in film, worn in corporate settings, and appeared in countless weddings and anniversary dinners.

Gold Charm Necklace

Solitaire’s signature style is shaped in part by the clients’ vision; pushing the studio to continually enhance the skills of the studio & workshop.

Alex Armen will create your personal piece from scratch, and will spend time with you to understand your needs.

Gold Bell