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Your personal engagement is comfortable, collaborative, and exciting.

Solitaire's commitment to premium service and quality means that you are looked after, and your questions are professionally answered.

Talk to us about your specific due date; typical delivery time is 4-6 weeks.

Solitaire is perfect for clients who wish to capture special moments of their lives in fine custom-made jewellery.

As your personal jeweller, Solitaire saves you time, works with your ideal spend, and transforms your ideas into works of art.


How Does it Work? While working with your ideal spend, Solitaire guides you based on your needs

How Long is My Appointment? Is There a Fee? As long as you require; half an hour to one hour ensures a full discussion. Typically, there is no fee for client consultations

How Long Does it Take to Finish? Unless you have a specific due date, custom orders typically require 4-6 weeks
In-Person Please use Solitaire's online booking interface, or if you prefer email or call, to reserve your exclusive, personalized appointment at Solitaire's design studio.

Virtual By using Solitaire's online booking interface, please select ''Virtual Meeting' at the top of the page. Once booked, you will receive an email (within one hour) with the invite and details, including your secured link to start your scheduled virtual meeting. By using your smart phone, tablet or desktop, you will virtually connect with Solitaire. A camera is required, and you will be prompted to download a light Microsoft application in order to begin your virtual meeting.
The only gift that lasts a lifetime. With Solitaire's authentic custom-made jewellery, you experience what goes into the design and creation of your exceptional piece. Purchasing jewellery is an experience, and one that is seldom matched by any other product or service.

Custom jewellery is a form of artistic expression, experienced metalsmithing, and lasting beauty. Jewellery has and will always be in fashion; it is not necessarily meant to be an investment nor is it intended to be mass produced and sold as discount jewellery. Your piece by Solitaire is meant to be meaningful, to be worn and admired, and passed-down or gifted to a special person.
Fine precious and semi-precious gems are special and beautiful. Solitaire provides guidance for clients that are interested in purchasing natural gemstones. With the vast number of poor-quality, treated and synthetic, commercial stones sold on the internet and in retail stores, Solitaire's expertise in gem quality (colour, polish, cut, rarity, and pricing) arms clients with valuable information to make an informed decision. Gemstone quality is reflected in its price.
Because Solitaire's experience and guidance is at your disposal, resulting in the greatest value and satisfaction. With dwindling quality and margins in the online and retail realm, Solitaire's mission is to look after your interests. This means you receive the greatest value for your spend, while ensuring you a beautiful, lively mined or laboratory-made diamond. No milkiness, eye-clean, ideal cut, and without compromising on aesthetics. Solitaire's process demands client trust, communication and transparency to exceed expectations and to triumph over any offer froma reputable business, both online and locally.
Lifetime Commitment As a Solitaire client, you receive inspection, cleaning and polishing, as often as you like, while you wait. There is never a charge for this service. All metalsmithing by Solitaire is guaranteed and maintained for life. Each piece has Solitaire's hallmark and metal code inscribed into them, tying them back to Solitaire's workshop.

Ring Sizing Our clients receive a complimentary ring sizing adjustment on most custom-made orders, typically at no charge. This service is usually completed in a few hours.

24k Gold Bar Investment Contact Solitaire to purchase physical, pure gold bars without high commissions charges, admin fees or tax.

Updating & Redesigning, and Travel Jewellery Consider having your previous jewellery redesigned. From updating heirlooms to refreshing your current jewellery, Solitaire will bring your pieces you no longer cherish back into your heart.

If you travel, consider having a replica made of your favourite pieces. Worry-free travel with custom-made pieces in sterling silver and non-precious gems.

Purchasing & Credit Solitaire can purchase your precious metal jewellery you are no longer interested in wearing. For the best value, use your credit towards a new custom piece by Solitaire.

Props for Film & Movies, and Recreations Solitaire helps local and foreign film crews and prop masters with their jewellery and other requirements. With years of experience, Solitaire has a reputation of finishing on schedule.

Corporate Gifts Business is about reputation and image. Represent your business through Solitaire's premium pieces. Amplify your brand with custom-made pins, cufflinks, pendants, charms, rings and desk awards. Learn More.
Each client receives fair, straight forward, tailored pricing. You are never left in the dark. Solitaire takes your unique needs to develop pricing that is right for you. Solitaire works with your ideal spend and saves you time.
Each client receives attention and personalized service to ensure all requirements are met. Clients sign-off before Solitaire begins production.

Since each piece is custom-made, and diamonds and gemstones specifically ordered, Solitaire does not provide returns, refunds or exchanges.

Solitaire's commitment to premium service and quality means that you are looked after, and your questions are professionally answered.

Since Solitaire's fine jewellery begin as concepts that are never made before, delivery time of 4-6 weeks is recommended, and finished pieces may have slight variances from design renderings. Re-working concepts to achieve the highest standards may occur, adding additional time. Clients are always kept updated on the status of their piece.
Solitaire was established in 1983 in the heart of Toronto by its founder. Over the years, Solitaire has thanked its community by supporting important causes, including non-profits that support woman, the arts and local artists and creatives.

Alex Armen, creator, artist and designer, has over two decades of experience in designing custom jewellery.

Arbi Khanjian is a specialist in fine gemstones & diamonds. He earned his masters at the Schulich School of Business.
Solitaire offers clients guidance and certainty on individual style. Stand out from the crowd.

A custom piece by Solitaire is something special to the person wearing it. It is something pure, elegant and lasting.

Custom jewellery by Solitaire creates a vocabulary for those determined to identify and assert themselves on their own terms.