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Know your Jeweller to know your Gems

Nothing demonstrates your appreciation of colour, shape, and quality like fine gemstones.


In general, the highest value gemstones have pure hues and rich colors. Gemstones with strong demand will vary significantly in price due to subtle variations in colour.

Solitaire recommends that you look at many gemstones. The colour that is ideal for you is a personal matter, and that a higher price does not mean better, it means rarer.


The cut of a gemstone is as or more important than the colour of the gemstone. Fashioning and polishing a gemstone requires experienced hand-workmanship. It is one of the most important factors in the its appearance. Solitaire recommends that clients observe many similar gems in order to understand the difference in the quality of cut.

The cut results in the gemstone’s overall light return, brilliance and sparkle.


For our clients, clarity usually means the difference between finding inclusions that are difficult to see under magnification and inclusions that are easy to find, or ‘eye visible’. The value between the two can be substantial, where eye visible inclusions will always lower the gems value.

There are three classes of coloured stones: usually clean; usually included; and almost always included. Remember, many gems with moderate inclusions will look perfect in jewellery that is admired while worn.


Typically, larger stones are less common than small ones, and thus demand a higher price per carat. Remember, selecting the right size is a personal matter.

Trust Solitaire's three decades of experience to guide you when purchasing a gemstone.
Gemstones by Solitaire Jewellery

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